What we do

Managing the coming changes

Our mission

Talendo Consulting’s Project Management services enable organizations to identify the actions needed to achieve business goals and prepare workforces for the coming change. We manage complex organizational project, business process, and technology transitions to achieve the desired end state so that our clients can realize the greatest long-term value from their business improvement efforts.

Talendo will join his task force to yours in order to implement high quality solutions and optimize your business process, with pragmatic and agile methods, taking into consideration both the culture of your organization and the resources available during the technology transitions. Talendo is fully involved in all of the implementation phases and focused on the deliveries, from requirement definition to the go-live of your project, including the configuration and testing of the system.

Talendo's commitments:
long-term value, pragmatic & agile methods, high quality solutions

to make sure you achieve your business goals

We view quality as an integral part of the organizational mindset; as important as a particular set of tools or testing routines. At Talendo Consulting, we bring structure to large, complex programs by implementing a global testing plan and customizing our process for each new client in order to produce the best-quality result.

Systems conversions are by their nature complex initiatives that often involve more than just the information technology assets of an organization. Conversion initiatives can drive transformational change not only to the systems but also the hardware, business processes, and people who rely on those systems for achieving their business goals.

Our customers

Talendo works for international clients that are key players in retail banking, financial companies, industrial groups and car manufacturers specializing in consumer credit, leasing or car loans.

For more information on our work and on how our experience can benefit your organization, please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss how we can help with your business improvement initiatives.